June 2019: Finished our intense four-week summer class entitled "Synthetic Biology Laboratory" with my co-instructor, Dr. Jan Fassler. In addition to the wet lab, this time I added a modeling laboratory exercise using the Simbiology toolbox in Matlab. What fun!

April 2019: Our Senior Design Team's project " Dressing Down the Cost of Burn Treatment" won 3rd place at the Design of Medical Devices Conference in Minneapolis. The team, mentored by myself, Dr. James Ankrum, and Dr. Mark Fisher, worked on developing honey-based alginate hydrogels for treating burns in Low- and middle- income countries.

Team members: Ellie Lehmann, Sandra Castillo, Ana De La Torre, Jesse Haworth, and Adam Weiland.

December 2018: Advanced BioMatrix selected our paper "Mouse Keratinocytes Without Keratin Intermediate Filaments Demonstrate Substrate Stiffness Dependent Behaviors" as one of their top 15 publications of 2018.

October 2018: The UIOWA iGEM team competed in the 2018 iGEM Jamboree in Boston and was awarded a Bronze Medal. Here's some of the team moments before presenting.

August 2018: Congratulations to undergraduate and recent lab alum Alyssa Mendenhall for landing a job at Miromatrix Medical in Minneapolis. We all wish you luck! Please come back and teach us a thing or two about using decellularized matrix for regenerative engineering applications.

July 2018: Spencer Halberg wins 3rd place in the Undergraduate Competition at the 2018 World Congress of Biomechanics in Dublin.

June 2018: I am happy to announce that I have accepted the role of an associate editor for the BMES journal Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering. I am very excited to work with Editor Michael King and the rest of the editorial board on one of my favorite journals.

May 2018: We got our first cover! Congratulations to Hoda Zarkoob and collaborators.

August 2017: Respectable Stats from our 2016 PLoS One Publication

July 2017: Hoda Zarkoob defended her thesis this summer and is now a post-doc at Northwestern University working under Dr. Kathy Green.  Congratulations and thanks for all of your hard work!

January 2017: Journal of Biomechanical Engineering 2016 Editor's Choice

November 2016: Excited that K. Atluri's abstract on using blebbistatin-loaded PLGA particles to treat arthrofibrosis at the 2017 Controlled Release Society Annual and Exposition meeting was selected for a Research Highlight Talk and featured in the CRS Quarterly Newsletter!