The Sander Lab, also know as the Multi-scale Mechanics, Mechanobiology, and Tissue Engineering Laboratory (3MT), is focused on integrating experiment with theory to understand the dynamic and multi-scale mechanical interplay between cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions in forming and remodeling tissues. Multiscale mechanical interactions are scale-spanning physical interactions between cells, the extracellular matrix (ECM), and the tissue, and they are critical to all phases of a tissue’s life cycle (i.e., development, growth, homeostasis, aging, and disease). These dynamic and reciprocal interactions are inherently complex and produce emergent behaviors that cannot be easily understood using reductionist approaches. It is therefore essential that a theoretical framework exists that can incorporate data and observations from different experiments into a unified picture so that basic principles of mechanobiology can be understood and used to direct tissue remodeling. Our primary area of interest is in discovering how multiscale mechanical intereactions and mechanobiology drive wound healing.